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Information about the K-Pop industry - These pages will help you if you are new to K-Pop or don't know about the quirks of the K-Pop industry (especially when Baby V.O.X was around).

More groups - Pages dedicated to other K-Pop groups.

Off this website

Baby V.O.X Archive on YouTube - YouTube channel with a huge amount of Baby V.O.X videos! The best place to go to see Baby V.O.X's performances and music videos.

Other YouTube Channels
KBS KPOP Classic
스브스뉴트로 (SBS Newtro)
1st Gen Kpop

Midnight Theories - A YouTube channel with several videos dedicated to Baby V.O.X (and many other groups). They're really well made and include lots of information so be sure to watch them if you're curious for more of Baby V.O.X's history!

K-Pop Sundae - A podcast about older K-Pop groups including two episodes dedicated to Baby V.O.X and one for Baby V.O.X Re.V as well. I was actually able to help with writing the Baby V.O.X episodes, so go check it out!

@voxarchive - Another Baby V.O.X archive, featuring images and videos.

jaeducs - 90's K-Pop tumblr blog with content that includes most first-generation groups and singers

Beautiful Voices - (archived) The biggest English-language Baby V.O.X fansite from back in the day. I used a capture from 2004 because the layout is stable, but be sure to explore and check out different captures as the site's content varies. There are also links to other archived old K-Pop fansites that are definitely worth looking at.

Jusunlee - A K-Pop portal site similar to Soompi that seems to have stopped updating in early 2004 but is still online.

baby vox 10th anniversary special @ jjoycy - An old Angelfire site that has some interesting info on Baby V.O.X and other groups. It's also a very cool time capsule of web design and Asian pop music.

Soompi - (archived) Soompi was one of, if not the biggest American/English-language K-Pop hub back in the day. It's still active, but I wanted to link to it on Wayback Machine because it's very well archived from its earliest days on there!

solid07 - (archived) Similar to Soompi, a website that was a central hub for K-Pop fans in the early/mid-2000's.

Floral Bikini - This is a Tumblr blog I made that focuses on Baby V.O.X during promotions for their 3rd and 4th albums, or from around 1999 to 2000.

Voices of Expression - This Tumblr blog is aesthetically inspired by Baby V.O.X from Special Album to Ride West, or from around 2002 to 2004.

On Neocities

PeaceB - A great BoA fansite with lots of info and links.

1999x - A personal site with lots of cool links, playlists, and shrines to K-pop groups.

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